2 weeks

Hello there, I decided to come on here because there are so many feelings and emotions inside me that they are going to explode. Exactly two weeks and a day ago was my 13th birthday, it was also the start of my little 2 week long journey. In the past 2 weeks, I have joined a drama course hoping to learn more about drama and Shakespeare, but I have learnt so much more that that.

Throughout these 2 weeks, I have met 4 of the most amazing people who now turned out to be close friends that I can’t say goodbye to. I even turned out to have a crush on one of the four, which I will address as converse boy. During the second week, I had gotten closer to each of them and as I shared secrets with one of the girls (I’ll call her J), we exchanged thoughts about converse boy and she gave me advice. Just yesterday night, we hanged out as a group and started rating people from one to ten based on their personality and looks. Converse boy told us that J and I are two of his three top girls in this course. Today l have to hangout with once of my best friends and her friend. To be honest, I don’t really look forward to that. Since I have to do that, I might have to miss my last chance of hanging out with these 4 friends.

So today morning, being the last day I will spend with these people, I sat down and put my feelings into words, thinking about what I’ve done in the past 2 weeks. I thought about it and realized what eventful these 2 weeks have been, waking up and going to do drama everyday then coming back home at 6. I’ll miss those deep and sometimes funny conversations I had, I’ll miss teasing my friend about her eye candy, I’ll miss those unhealthy lunches we had, I’ll even miss the teacher screaming at us to be quiet, but mostly, I’ll miss spending time with these wonderful people.

❤ ❤



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